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Phattrock London Entertainment is a British based Company which was conceptualised in 2009 by the co-founder Fitzroy Nish and became a reality in 2014.


As an Entertainment Company it started releasing music in late 2016. It is a dedicated reggae and dancehall Company which fuses reggae and dancehall with all genres of music and focuses on collaborations. It also deals with the performing arts, events, media and merchandising.


The Company’s aims and objectives are to establish ourselves as a music and multi-media organisation and to become a global brand.


The Chairman and CEO of Phattrock London Entertainment is Fitzroy Nish.



Phattrock XL is a reggae and dancehall fusion band that was created by Fitzroy “Phattboy Heavy” Nish. Throughout his 20+ years career in music, he has been involved in sound systems/live pa engineering/singing/writing/producing and composing.

 In the 90s in Jamaica, he was involved in live performance in media and music and promoted events and produced artists from the Jamaican scene like Spragga Benz, Kip Rich, Mad Andrew, Future Trouble, President Brown, Galaxy P, Major Christie and countless upcoming artists in that period.

He was also a part of a four part RnB group called Black Cloud that wrote and performed their own tracks.

In early 2000 Fitzroy came to England and for a while promoted events and performed as an MC on the sound system circuit. In 2009 he went back into the studios and started producing again and produced a compilation album called Acoustic Pain consisting of UK based artists such as Cleopatra, Chantelle Codner,  Emma Starr from the band Fire, Country Culture now known as City Culture, Hardened Gem, RIO, Peppery.

He also co-produced Peppery’s album titled Mistaken Identity and various other singles.

In 2013 the idea came to create the band Phattrock XL and he has been building up material, with various collaborations and fusions with multiple artists. Phattrock XL is a product of Phattrock London Entertainment Ltd.




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